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What is Esoteric Healing?

by The Soulful Doctor

The word esoteric just means ‘from within’ or ‘innermost’.

Thus esoteric healing is about healing from within, from one’s innermost. It is about coming to know, understand, experience and feel for ourselves what this innermost is and how we can then make daily choices from that place, which are healthy for us. The innermost essence of everyone is pure Love; it is a place of stillness, where all is observed, held, understood, allowed, accepted and no judgment whatsoever exists.

Nothing whatsoever can harm this place, our innermost essence of love, no illness or disease, no wound or trauma of any kind can harm it or affect it. It is because we have been living in separation to this place that we have the suffering and the illnesses and diseases that we have. How does this work? Well if we do not know that we are already enough (and more than) as we are, that all the love we seek is actually within us, then we can get caught in DOING lots of activities to make us feel better about ourselves. The ways are endless that we seek achievements, recognitions, rewards, acceptance outside of ourselves be it through work, relationships, hobbies etc. However, have you ever noticed that it never lasts? As soon as one achievement is completed, we are looking for the next one. We keep ourselves in perpetual motion, away from the beauty of the stillness in which we know who we are and where no reward or recognition is sought.

Also because we have this inner ache, emptiness, discontent, don’t feel enough etc we have endless ways of distracting ourselves from feeling that which we don’t want to feel! It’s a great set-up to keep us away from the true essence of love that lives within, underneath all the layers of misbelieves and misperceptions we carry about ourselves. So esoteric healing is NOT about becoming more or better from the basis that one is not enough. No. It is about knowing you are already glorious and from that knowing all that is not you is stripped away. It is a removal of that which you are not, to reveal that which you are, which has always been there. In doing so we may feel like we become more or better and life IS better, but really it is just a returning home to who we are and what we have always known.

From this place, we come to know, understand and experience for ourselves that there is a way to live, a way to be, a way to express that engenders true health, vitality, wellbeing, love and joy. It becomes clear there are many ways of living that we take for granted which are in fact harming to us and can result in illness and disease or other forms of suffering. We become more aware that our daily living choices carry considerable power, be it with food, sleep, exercise, emotions, work etc. The choice comes down to this. Do I choose to heal or harm? Do I choose Love or that which is not Love? It is that simple – but not always easy to un-do the engrained patterns and ways of living that not truly supporting us.

Esoteric healing is based on understanding life and the human condition at the level of energy.It is about much more than healing illness and disease, it is about healing the root cause of all our ills: the separation to who you truly are and ultimately is about coming home to yourself – for there is nowhere more glorious than that. Once known, felt and tasted, you know the sweetness of life resides in you, you know you have the power to turn a miserable wet rainy day into a joyful, light filled, sunshine day!


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