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Group Therapy

Acorn Therapy Centre is setting up a ‘process’ oriented therapy group, which will focus upon the experience of being in the group itself as the healing opportunity. This is as opposed to a psycho educational group where the focus is upon the provision of information on a specific topic. The participants in such a process-oriented group will be encouraged to express their thoughts, feelings and experiences, in the group, in the here-and-now. Using this style of group therapy approach gives an opportunity for participants from a wide range of backgrounds, and with a wide range of presenting issues.

The role of group facilitator will be to ensure the maintenance of a safe and respectful environment, and to ensure that the group therapy progresses in a non-judgemental, collaborative and effective fashion. It will also be ensured that therapy proceeds in a manner guided by the IACP Code of Ethics. The facilitator will also work directly with participants within the group structure, as a part of their therapeutic process.
The group will be a partially open one. This means that it will be an ongoing group, with some opportunity for new members to join the group as it goes along. Equally, when participants feel that their goals have been achieved, then they can leave the group. It will be part of the role of group facilitator to ensure that these changes in group membership cause as little disruption to the group dynamic as possible, whilst using the element of change as a focus for group discussion and individual insight. The ideal group size will be from 6 to 10 participants.

The facilitator will invite any individual who is considering group therapy to first have at least one individual session. This session or sessions will be by way of an assessment, as well as being an opportunity for the prospective participant to be informed of the processes of group therapy – to look at what the client might expect from group, and to outline the guidelines for conduct that have been set up within the group.

It is planned to run the group on a weekly basis, at a time that would best suit the first participants to join the group, which may be daytime, evening or Saturday morning. Once the day/time is agreed, then the group will meet consistently at that time. A group therapy session runs for 90 minutes. Group therapy is a cost-effective option for participants. The fee will be €140 per month, payable at the first session of each month.


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